Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi

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  • The call of the spinning wheel is the noblest of all. Because it is the call of love. And love is swaraj.

    "The Great Sentinel, Young India, October 13, 1921", CWMG, vol. XXI, p. 289.
  • I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth an Non-violence are as old as the hills. All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast a scale as I could.

    Prabhu, R. K, and U. R. Rao, eds., The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, p. 25.
  • Non-violence is the first article of my faith. It is also the last article of my creed.

    "The Great Trial, Young India, March 23, 1922", CWMG, vol. XXIII, p. 114.
  • Just as we do not break one another's heads in respect of civil matters, so may we not do even in respect of religious matters.

    "Hindu-Muslim Tension: Its Cause and Cure, Young India, May 29, 1924", CWMG, vol. XXIV, p. 141.
  • I remember occasions in my life when I have not rejoiced at the thought of approaching death as one might rejoice at the prospect of meeting a long lost friend.

    Gandhi, M.K., Satyagraha in South Africa, Chapter XXIV.
  • Repression itself affords a training in satyagraha, even as an unsought war affords a training for the soldiers.

    "The States, Harijan, April 8, 1939", CWMG, vol. LXIX, p. 102.
  • 'Hate the sin and not the sinner' is a precept which though easy enough to understand, is rarely practised, and that is why the poison of hatred spreads in the world.

    Prabhu, R. K, and U. R. Rao, eds., The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, p. 124.
  • In the code of the Satyagrahi there is no such thing as surrender to brute force. Or the surrender then is the surrender of suffering and not of the wielder of the bayonet.

    "What is the Truth?, Young India, April 30, 1931", CWMG, vol. XLVI, p. 62.
  • Gita is pre-eminently a description of the duel that goes on in our own hearts.

    "Religious Authority for Non-cooperation, Young India, August 25, 1920", CWMG, vol. XVIII, p. 195.
  • I am a man of faith. My reliance is solely on God. One step is enough for me. The next He will make clear when the time for it comes.

    "Civil Disobedience, Harijan, October 20, 1940", CWMG, vol. LXXIII, p. 107.