Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Ba's death was grand. I am glad about it. There is pain, which is born of selfishness. The separation from her after sixty-two years of companionship does hurt.

    Nayar Sushila, Bapu ki Karavas ki Kahani, p. 514.
  • I cannot even think of a Pakistan where there would be no peace and security for a non-Muslim nor can I think of an India where Muslims may be in danger.

    "Speech at Prayer Meeting", CWMG, vol. LXXXVII, p. 226.
  • The "two nations" theory is an untruth. The vast majority of Muslims of India are converts or descendents of converts. They did not become a separte nation as soon as they became converts.

    "A Baffling Situation", Harijan, April 6, 1940.
  • We are not yet in the midst of civil war but we are nearing it.

    Fischer, The Life of Mahatma Gandhi, p. 444.
  • The man or woman who observes such perfect brahmacharya is totally free from disease and, therefore, he or she lives ever in the presence of God, is like God. I have no doubt that complete observance of such brahmacharya in thought, speech and action is possible.

    "Brahmacharya, Navajivan, May 25, 1924", CWMG, vol. XXIV, p. 116.
  • Islam had not yet forgotten the Karbala, where brother's arm was raised against brother, although it had happened. 1,300 hundred years ago. How could he forget his Karbala that was Bihar?

    "Interview to Mohammad Yunus", CWMG, vol. LXXXVII, p. 54.
  • If you return good for good only, it is a bargain and carries no merit, but if you return good for evil, it becomes a redeeming force.

    "Weekly Letter" Harijan, June 2, 1946, p. 166.
  • But, for Asia to be not for Asia but the whole world, it has to relearn the message of Buddha and deliver it to the world.

    "Discussion with D. Takaoka, Harijan, December 24, 1938", CWMG, vol. LXVIII, p. 188.
  • If God so desires it, I may have to become a helpless witness to the undoing of my dream.

    "An English Suggestion, Harijan, May 4, 1940", CWMG, vol. LXXII, p. 27.
  • One might almost say that the joy of fraternisation is leaping from hour to hour. Is this to be called a miracle or an accident? ?.This sudden upheaval is not the work of one or two men. We are toys in the hands to God.

    "Miracle or Accident?" Harijan, August 24, 1947, p. 292.