Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi

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  • In the darkest hour of my trial, that one name has saved me.

    "Harijan, March 18, 1933", CWMG, vol. LIV, p. 112
  • I decline to be slave to precedents or practice I cannot understand or defend on a moral basis.

    "The Shadow of Simla, Young India, July 21, 1921", CWMG, vol. XX, p. 409.
  • I say that he is the greatest artist who leads the best life.

    "Interview to Dilip Kumar Roy", CWMG, vol. XXIII, pp. 193-194.
  • I could not be leading a religious life unless I identified myself with the whole of mankind.

    "Discussion with Christian Missionaries, Harijan, December 24, 1938", CWMG, vol. LXVIII, p. 201.
  • I could not live for a single second without religion.

    "Speech at Panampet, Harijan, March 2, 1934", CWMG, vol. LVII, p. 199.
  • I realized that the true function of a lawyer was to unite parties riven asunder.

    Gandhi, M.K., An Autobiography, Part II, Chapter XIV.
  • A leader is only first among equals.

    "In Earnest, Young India, December 8, 1921", CWMG, vol. XXI, p. 538.
  • The conduct of a few Indians was the measure of that of the millions of their fellow-countrymen.

    Gandhi, M.K., An Autobiography, Part IV, Chapter II.
  • I have sacrificed no principle to gain a political advantage.

    "Notes, Young India, March 12, 1925", CWMG, vol. XXVI, p. 285.
  • Throughout my career at the bar I never once departed from the strictest truth and honesty.

    "Speech to Law Students, Colombo", CWMG, vol. XXXV, p. 309.