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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • Dr Herbert Evatt

    Deputy Prime Minister

    Example will strengthen the cause of peace among all nations Peoples of all classes and creeds throughout the world join in mourning the loss of Mahatma Gandhi, the news of whose tragic death has shocked and saddened all Australians.

    The Mahatma's pan in the fashioning of modern India, in developing a sense- of national consciousness culminating in the achievement of India's independence, throughout a long life of selfless service, are too well known to need recapitulation.

    His ceaseless efforts for the uplift of down-trodden humanity, and especially, the depressed classes, are only part of the secret of his unique hold upon the millions of his fellow countrymen. His loss will be felt more deeply than ever at the present critical' juncture. Throughout his life he stood uncompromisingly for the elimination of violence in human relationship to which end his latest fast was a unique contribution.

    The Australian people most sincerely wish and hope that Mahatma Gandhi will not have died in vain, that communal reconciliation and harmony will be brought nearer by his tragic death and that his example will strengthen the greatest cause of all-peace among all nations and peoples.