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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • Dr. Sushila Nayyar

    a member of Gandhiji's Ashram

    He lives and watches our fumbling efforts May God give us the strength to live up to the teachings of the Great Master, at whose feet we had come together and sat due to some punya of our previous births! Tears rush to the eyes at the thought that never more shall we hear that loving, soothing voice; never more shall we feel that magic touch of his pat, which always made one feel strong and lightened one's burden, whether physical or mental. But we must not allow our emotion to be depleted by them. The agony that we all feel at our loss must be transmuted into action. We followed him with halting footsteps during his life-time. Let us all pray that we may be able to do so now with firmness and determination.

    Within my heart I hear an echo say: 'No, he is not dead. He lives and watches our fumbling efforts with the same old, sweet, sad smile."


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