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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • Sir Mohammed Saadullah

    ex-Premier of Assam

    Satyagraha and the Prophet of Arabia I find that the great love of truth in the satyagraha movement has parallels 1,300 years ago. Who does not know who has read the history of our great Prophet of Arabia that he practised what is now termed satyagraha while he was preaching the new religion of Islam in the streets of Mecca? The fact that Mahatma Gandhi in his prayer meetings used to have recitations from the Quoran clearly demonstrated the breadth of his outlook, his sincere endeavour to bring into one whole the different religious-minded people of this sub-continent of India.

    The best demonstration of homage to this great man would be to follow in his footsteps in all humbleness and implement his utterances.