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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • The Straits Times

    The Straits Times, Singapore

    Only saint of the modern world Gandhiji was perhaps the only saint of the modern world, and certainly the only saint of modern nationalism and modern politics. In his long life of identification of himself with the poor and the oppressed at the lowest levels of Indian society; in the utter simplicity and selflessness of his personal life; in the gentleness and yet the firmness of his spirit; in his unflinching courage in fighting for causes in which he believed; in his indifference to ridicule, misrepresentation, malice and hostility; in his life-long search for inner peace and spiritual guidance amid the cross-currents of religious, racial, class and caste conflicts in India; in the constant and many-sided activity in- the field of practical affairs which he carried on in spite of a frail body and poor health; and, above all, in his consistent preaching and practice of non-violence-in all those aspects of his life and personality, Gandhiji indubitably was a saint.