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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • Sri Aurobindo

    The light will burn on I would have preferred silence in the face of these circumstances that surround us. For, any words we can find fall flat amid such happenings.

    This much, however, I will say, that the light which led us to freedom, though not yet to unity, still burns and will burn on, till it conquers. I believe firmly that a great and united future is the destiny of the nation and its peoples.

    The power that brought us through so much struggle and suffering to freedom will achieve also, through whatever strife or trouble, the aim which so poignantly occupied the thoughts of the fallen leader at the time of his tragic ending: as it brought us freedom, it will bring us unity.

    A free and united India will be there, and the Mother will gather around her sons and weld them into a single national strength in the life of a great and united people.