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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • Hearst chain of Newspapers

    Not simply great but good Gandhi was not simply a great man, but a good man; and, as the sorrowing people of many nations will know, the combination of the qualities of greatness and goodness in the man is too rarely achieved and too little appreciated.

    There have been too few such men in human history, and they have so often been sorely and cruelly dealt with by the men of their times.

    So it has been with Gandhi who, loving all men and lending the infinite wisdom of his great mind and the incalculable greatness of his gentle spirit to the enrichment and enlightenment of his fellow-beings, is now destroyed, in a physical sense, by the insensate act of a man for whom, even the instant before death, the sign of forgiveness was made; But Gandhi is not destroyed, or his noble work or his beloved name or his honoured place in the affections of the world today and in the eternal annals of history.

    It is only the life of Gandhi which is at an end, for there is no work of destruction which could be wrought against the edifice of kindness and dignity, reason and justice, which he patiently and selflessly created for the good-of India and the peace of the world, hour upon hour, and day upon day, and year upon year, throughout the prolific time of his fruitful life.