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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • Pearl S. Buck

    The man who was right Gandhi's death, brought about by one of his own people, is another crucifixion. Our home is not alone in its mourning. All over the country, all over the world, people, who never saw Gandhi in the flesh, mourn him now. He dies at a moment of unique influence.

    It was only a few days ago that we were remarking about the rising interest in Gandhi among Americans. He had won great reverence.

    Real reverence for Gandhi was embedded in the hearts of the people and it had begun to dawn on us that he was right. Here, in the midst of our mounting militarism, we were beginning to look towards Gandhi as the man who was right. Our newspapers recognised this new force. India won much by this. We were all moved by the struggle led by and hi for a peaceful way of settling differences between nations.


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