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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • G.V. Mavlankar

    Speaker, Constituent Assembly

    He had the outlook of humanity There is no sphere of our life in which the hand and influence of the Mahatma are not seen and felt. He gave a new orientation to our politics, our economics, our education and strove for spiritualising every- thing in our public life. He was the greatest Man of our age. He always had the love of humanity burning in his heart even amidst the darkest periods of hatred and violent struggles and was never a pessimist even when he knew that his voice was a solitary one. Such an unshaken faith in his own principles and mission was naturally a source of strength to us.

    We lose him at a very critical time, not only in the history of our country but perhaps in the history of the World. He had the outlook of humanity, international brotherhood and "one world". We have no words to express all that we respect, love, feel and mourn about him.


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