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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • L.S. Amery

    former Secretary of State for India

    His death closes a great chapter in world history All Englishmen, without difference of party, will have deeply regretted the news. It is tragic to think that he who all his life preached communal unity to Indians should himself have fallen a victim to the frenzy of communal passion.

    His part in the history of India and Anglo-Indian relations in the last generation can only be assessed by history. At any rate, it can be said that no one contributed more to the particular way in which the charter of British rule in India has ended than Mahatma Gandhi himself.

    His 'death comes at the close of a great chapter in world history. In the mind of India, at least, he will always be identified with the opening of the new chapter which, however troubled at the outset, we should all hope, will develop in peace, concord and prosperity for India.


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