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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • The Pakistan Times

    The Pakistan Times, Lahore

    Timeless symbol of love and rectitude Mahatma Gandhi is dead. The world has been deprived of the sight and sound of his frail body and aged voice-the body and voice that had in the last few months almost lost, for a large section of mankind, their personal and ephemeral character and become timeless symbols of compassionate love and fearless rectitude. In his last momentous days Gandhi, the politician, gave place to the infinitely greater Gandhi, the man.

    The best loved and most venerated political leader and moral evangelist of a near sub-continent, the idol of millions, has been publicly murdered. In India and Pakistan today every heart and every conscience should be searched to assess how far every heart and every conscience is answerable for this most fearful of tragedies.

    The people of India and indirectly the people of Pakistan, for he was trying to befriend both, have added to their other losses the most grievous loss of all-the loss of Gandhiji.