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Events Post March

Date Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s)
April 8, 1930 Gandhi starts touring villages by car and increasing his speaking commitments.  
April 13, 1930 Women's Conference at Dandi where Gandhi tells women that their time to take full share in the struggle has come.
Salt Satyagraha was started at 27 different centres in Bihar.
Speech at Gujarati Women's Conference, Dandi
CWMG Vol. XLIII, pp. 251 - 252
April 14, 1930 Jawaharlal Nehru arrested.  
April 17, 1930 Gandhi's headquarters moved from Dandi to Karadi.  
April 18, 1930 Raid on the police armoury at Chittagong  
April 23, 1930 Mass demonstrations commence in Peshawar.
Mahadev Desai arrested.
April 24, 1930 In Peshawar Royal Garhwali Rifles refuse to fire on demonstrators.

Interview to "THE HINDU"
CWMG Vol. XLIII, pp. 318 - 319

April 25, 1930 Police and military withdrwan from Peshawar: town in the hands of the citizens until 4 May.
Vithalbhai Patel resigns Presidentship of the Central Legislative Assembly.
April 26, 1930 Gandhi publicly announces raids on Dharasana in speech at Chharwada village.  
April 27, 1930 Indian Press Act 1910 revived.

Message to America,
CWMG Vol. XLIII, pp. 334 - 336

May 4, 1930 Gandhi drafts a letter to Irwin informing the Viceroy of the intended raids on Dharasana.

Letter to Viceroy,
CWMG Vol. XLIII, pp. 389 - 393

Interview to J.B.Kripalani,
CWMG Vol. XLIII, pp. 394 - 396

May 5, 1930 Gandhi arrested at 0:45 am at Karadi.Taken to Yeravda Prison in a bus.
Gave interview to The Daily Telegraphat Borivli on way to Poona.

Interview to "The Daily Telegraph",
CWMG Vol. XLIII, p. 400

May 12, 1930 Several of the original Marchers, under the leadership of Abbas Tyabji, commence march towards Dharasana snd are arrested.  
May 15, 1930 Volunteers under the leadership of Sarojini Naidu marchh on the Dharasana salt-works.  
May 18, 1930 Raids on salt-works at Wadala, near Bombay, commenced.

Letter to Viceroy,
CWMG Vol. XLIII, pp. 410 - 412

May 21, 1930 Sarojini Naidu arrested during mass raids at Dharasana.  
May 23, 1930 Police raid satyagrahis camp at Untadi near Dharasana.  
May 25, 1930 Mass raids on Wadala salt-works. Untadi camp destroyed by police.  
May 30, 1930 Prevention of Intimidation Ordinance promulgated.  
June 1, 1930 Mass raids at Wadala salt-works.  
June 6, 1930 Final raid on the Dharasana salt-works. Further such activity suspended.