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Bihar - March, 1947

Date Place Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s) CWMG Details
March, 1947        
5-Mar-47 Patna Alighted at Futmah station. Put up at Dr.
Syed Mahmud's.

Called on Abdul Aziz and Syed Mahomed Ismail (Leaguers.) Queen and Prince of Hathua called in.

Had discussion with Rajendra Prasad, C.P.N. Sinha and Bihar Ministers.
Addressed prayer meeting
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 4046
6-Mar-47 Patna Had talks with Rajendra Prasad, Arvind Bose,Jayaprakash Narayan, Shrikrishna Sinha and Anugraha Narayan Sinha.
Met Muslim League leaders and Hindus from Chhapra.
Had talks with John Wardle Houlton, Relief Commissioner.
Started collecting Muslim Relief Fund
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 47 - 50
7-Mar-47 Patna Had talk with Syed Mahmud.
Met nationalist Muslims' deputation, members of Muslim Students' Federation, khadi workers and khaksars.
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 50 - 54
8-Mar-47 Patna Met Muslims from Bhavalpur, Colonel Mahboob Ahmed of I.N.A. , a Shia deputation, Sachchidananda Sinha and Anugraha Narayan Sinha.

Gave interview to Mohammad Yunus

Khan Abdul Gafar Khan joined party
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 54 -57
9-Mar-47 Patna Gandhiji in interview to U.P.I. said that there was "no present intention of fasting."
Had discussion with Binodanand Jha.
Addressed Provincial Congress Committee members.
His written speech was read out at prayer meeting.
Interview to United Press of India;
said no intention of fasting.
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 57 - 62
10-Mar-47 Patna Addressed prayer meeting.
Had discussion with Ministers.
Letter to Vinoba Bhave CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 62 - 67
11-Mar-47 Patna Had talk with Muslim League members.
Addressed prayer meeting.
Met Ministers
Letter to B.G. Kher, expressing
situation as one of "Do or Die"
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 67 - 72
12-Mar-47 Patna Expressed against partitioning of Bengal
and Punjab. Visited ruined houses anmd mosques.
Addressed prayer meeting at Mangal Talao
Cable to Cavalcade CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 72 -76
13-Mar-47 Patna, Parsa, Sipara Met Sikh deputation, Shah Nawaz Khan, S.M. Majmudar, Mahamayaprasad, Anugraha Narayan Sinha in afternoon;

Visited ruined houses on way to Ebbadullah Chowk
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 76 - 80
14-Mar-47 Patna, Shafipur, Khusrupur Gave blessings to Syed Mahmud's son on eve of his wedding.
Oslo reported MKG was recommended for
Nobel Peace Prize
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 80 - 84
15-Mar-47 Patna d   CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 84 - 92
16-Mar-47 Patna Discusson with Swami Anand and Kedar
Nath continued
Had talk with Dr. Syed Mahmud, S.N. Maulvi, Azad Hussain and Hakim Tasadduq Hussain.
Met Muslim refugees and women. Had discussion with Bihar Ministers. Commenced silence.
Letter to J.C. Kumarappa CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 92 - 99
17-Mar-47 Patna, Massaurhi,
Rahmatganj, Makana, Parani Bazar
Reached Masaurhi; Addressed prayer
Letter to Sir Hugh Dow, Governor of

Letter to Vallabhbhai Patel

Letter to Nirmal Kumar Bose
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 99 - 106
18-Mar-47 Massaurhi and Bir Visited ruined places.Addressed prayer
meeting at Bir. Had talks with Shrikrishna Sinha
Letter to Amril Kaur, explaining the
meaning oh his Brahmacharya
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 107 - 116
19-Mar-47 Bir, Andari, Gorraikhari Had discussion with Congress workers. Had
talk with village representatives.
Addressed prayer meeting at Goriakhari; Had talks with Anugraha Narayan Sinha
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 117 - 124
20-Mar-47 Bir, Bahrama and Harla,
Dr. Dadoo and Naikar of South Africa called
Letter to Jawaharlal Nehru

Telegram to H.S. Suhrawardy about
increasing cases of loot and arson in Noakhali.
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 124 - 129
21-Mar-47 Massaurhi, Mohiuddinpur,
Ghorhuan, Thalpur and Hansadih
Saw ruined houses on way to Hansdih.
Had talks with Muslim refugees and village representatives.
Letter to Sir Hugh Dow, Governor of
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 130 - 137
22-Mar-47 Hansadih, Kharantgaon,
Piplawan and Patna
Had talks with women refugees

Viceroy-Designate Lord Mountbatten
arrived in India
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 137 - 142
23-Mar-47 Patna MKG attended Women's meeting

Inter-Asian Relations Conference started in
New Delhi. Muslim League members of the Interim Government did not take part in it- did not remain prsent even as hosts. The League said that the  Conference was a congress stunty, the Congress wanted to be a leader of the Asian people; expressed its displeasure at the presence of Muslim countries and said they had done disservice to the Muslims in India.
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 143 - 147
24-Mar-47 Patna, Bahrama Addressed prayer meeting at Raj Ghat.
Lord Mountbatten sworn in as Viceroy and Governor-General of India.
Letter to Satish Chandra Das Gupta;
encouraging him to keep up work in Noakhali
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 148 - 152
25-Mar-47 Patna   Letter to Horace Alexander CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 152 - 159
26-Mar-47 Patna, Jahanabad, Kako,
Visited Kako relief camp and Saistabad In letter to Viceroy, accepted his
invitation to visit Delhi.

Interview to the Press
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 159 - 162
27-Mar-47 Jahanabad, Amthua, Belai, Ghosi,
Abdallachak, Zulfipur, Abdallapur, Okri
In prayer speech at Okri, appealed to
striking policemen to call off strike.
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 162 - 165
28-Mar-47 Jahanabad Discussion with members of Muslim League. Addressed a meeting.
Discussion with - Congressmen, members of the Hindu Mahasabha and policemen (on strike)
Prof. Abdul Bari killed by police shot.
Concluded third part of his tour programme in Bihar.
Letter to Manilal and Sushila Gandhi;
conveys he might be detained in Bihar and Noakhali for long.
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 166 - 175
29-Mar-47 Patna Attended funeral of Prof. Abdul Bari.
Offered condolences to family.

Met Anugraha Narayan Sinha, Krishna Vallabh Sahay and Jayaprakash Narayan.
Letter to J.C. Kumarappa; on affairs
of the Working Committee
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 176 - 178
30-Mar-47 Patna Met Jayaprakash Narayan and Prabhavati   CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 178 - 179
From 31st March to 12th April, spent time in Delhi Delhi