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Inhabiting India - June, 1915

Date Place Significant Incident Interviews/Letters
1-Jun Ahmedabad Fasted, on detecting untruth among Ashram boys; after admission broke fast. -
2-Jun Ahmedabad - -
3-Jun Ahmedabad - -
4-Jun Ahmedabad Received news about awardment of Kaiser-i-Hind Medal Letter to Maganlal Gandhi
5-Jun Ahmedabad - Letter to Ranchhodlal Patwari
6-Jun Ahmedabad - Letter to Kunvarji Mehta
7-Jun Ahmedabad - -
8-Jun Ahmedabad - Letter to Purshottamdas Thakurdas
9-Jun Ahmedabad - Letter to Ranchhodlal Patwari
10-Jun Ahmedabad Left Ahmedabad Letter to Virchand Shah
Letter to Ranchhodlal Patwari
11-Jun Poona - -
12-Jun Poona - -
13-Jun Poona - Letter to Kotwal
14-Jun Bombay - Letter to Mahatma Munshiram (Image- CWMG Vol.13 p.96 B)
15-Jun Bombay -  
16-Jun Ahmedabad - Letter to Jehangir Bomanji Petit, Secretary of South African Indian Fund; MKG gave income and expense account of satyagraha campaign in South Africa up to January 31, 1915
17-Jun Ahmedabad - -
18-Jun Ahmedabad - -
19-Jun Ahmedabad - Letter to Narandas Gandhi
20-Jun Ahmedabad - -
21-Jun Ahmedabad - -
22-Jun Ahmedabad - -
23-Jun Ahmedabad - -
24-Jun Ahmedabad - -
25-Jun Ahmedabad - -
26-Jun Bombay, Poona Received Kaiser-i-Hind medal; Left; Soldiers inside would not allow him to enter third class compartment and showed their bayonets; MKG entered and squated on floor near feet of soldier. -
27-Jun Bombay - -
28-Jun Ahmedabad - -
29-Jun Ahmedabad - -
30-Jun Ahmedabad - -