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Inhabiting India - May, 1915

Date Place Significant Incident Interviews/Letters
1-May Tranquebar, Ramapuram,
Telipadi, Mayavaram
- -
2-May Madras - -
3-May Madras, Nellore - -
4-May Nellore - Letter to A.H. West
Letter to Narandas Gandhi
5-May Nellore - -
6-May Nellore - -
7-May Nellore, Madras Presented accounts of South Africa Funds and thanked G.A. Natesan at meeting of Indian South African League in Madras. League passed resolutions dissolving itself and placing balance of money at Gandhiji's disposal. -
8-May Bowrangpet, Bangalore Called on Dewan Saheb in Bangalore -
9-May On way to Bombay   -
10-May Bombay - Letter to G.A. Natesan
11-May Ahmedabad Inspected Jeevanlal Vrajrai Desai's bungalow at Kocharab; Estimate of expenses submitted to Seth Mangaldas Prepared an Estimate of Expenditure of the Ashram for Seth Mangaldas
12-May Ahmedabad - -
13-May Ahmedabad - Letter to Maganlal Gandhi
14-May Ahmedabad - Letter to V.S. Srinivasa Sastri
15-May Rajkot - -
16-May Rajkot - -
17-May Rajkot - -
18-May Rajkot - -
19-May Limbdi Called on Thakore Saheb Letter to Narandas Gandhi
20-May Ahmedabad Performed house-entering ceremony of new house at Kocharab Drafted Constitution for the Ashram
Letter to V.S. Srinivasa Sastri
21-May Ahmedabad Kavi Nanalal Dalpatram called in. Letter to Umiyashanker
22-May Ahmedabad - -
23-May Ahmedabad The Phoenix Party arrived in Ahmedabad from Gurukul Kangri -
24-May Ahmedabad - -
25-May Ahmedabad Started Kocharab Ashram -
26-May Ahmedabad - -
27-May Ahmedabad - -
28-May Ahmedabad Manilal Kothari called in Letter to G.A. Natesan
29-May Ahmedabad - -
30-May Ahmedabad - -