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Inhabiting India - April, 1915

Date Place Significant Incident Interviews/Letters
1-Apr Shantiniketan - -
2-Apr Shantiniketan Had talks with Rabindranath Tagore, C.F. Andrews and teachers at Shantiniketan -
3-Apr Shantiniketan Left for Hardwar -
4-Apr On way to Hardwar - -
5-Apr Hardwar Arrived as volunteer under Hridaya Nath Kunzru, at Kumbh Mela, organised by Servants of India Society -
6-Apr Kangri Gurukul Met Mahatama Munshiram (Swami Shradhananda) for the first time. -
7-Apr Rishikesh, Lakshmanjhoola and Swargashram Went to Rishikesh, walked to Lakshman Jhula and visited Swargashram -
8-Apr Kangri-Gurukul Welcome speech by Mahatma Munshiram (Swami Shradhananda) -
9-Apr Hardwar   -
10-Apr Hardwar Took a vow- while in India, not to eat more than five things during 24 hours; no meal after sunset; water not included among five; but cardamon and the like was included ; nut and its oil treated as one article. -
11-Apr Hardwar Visited Mohini Ashram and Ramkrishna Mission;
Left for Delhi
12-Apr Delhi Put up at Principal Sushil Kumar Rudra's ( St. Stephen's College) -
13-Apr Delhi Public reception presided by Hakim Ajmal Khan. Maulana Mahomed Ali spoke. -
14-Apr Delhi, Brindaban - -
15-Apr On way to Madras   -
16-Apr On way to Madras   -
17-Apr Madras Reception at station; People unharnessed horses and drew carriage. Put up at Natesan's.
Visited Mrs. Beasant
Letter to Lazarus
18-Apr Madras - -
19-Apr Madras - -
20-Apr Madras Speech at Gokhale Club -
21-Apr Madras Public Reception and address by Indian South Afrian League, presided by Dr. Sir S. Subramanyam Aiyar -
22-Apr Madras   Interview to The Madras Mail, outlines his future programme of work in India
23-Apr Madras Slept at Tyabji's. (Probably brother-in-law of Abbas Tyabji) Interview to Associated Press, Madras
24-Apr Madras Reception by Bar Association; Reception by Muslim League, at Lawley Hall, Anjuman -
25-Apr Madras   Letter to Narandas Gandhi
26-Apr Madras Reception and gathering by Srinivas Iyengar -
27-Apr Madras Address and meeting of students by Y.M.C.A. , presided by V.S. Srinivas Sastri -
28-Apr Madras Gathering at Mrs. Besant's -
29-Apr Madras   -
30-Apr Mayavaram, Tranquebar   -