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Inhabiting India - March, 1915

Date Place Significant Incident Interviews/Letters
1-Mar Poona - -
2-Mar Poona - Letter to D.B. Shukla
3-Mar Poona Addressed meeting to mourn death of Gokhale; Presided over by Governor Lord Willingdon. Letter to Sir William Wedderburn
4-Mar Bombay Arrived and left Letter to Maganlal Gandhi, expressed desire to establish an institution at Ahmedabad
5-Mar On way to Shantiniketan   -
6-Mar Shantiniketan Met Tagore [for the first time] -
7-Mar Shantiniketan - -
8-Mar Shantiniketan - -
9-Mar Shantiniketan - -
10-Mar Shantiniketan - -
11-Mar Shantiniketan Left Shantiniketan -
12-Mar Calcutta Arrived; Grand Reception; People unharnessed horses and drew carriage. On way reception by Kadambini Ganguli at Sadharan Brahmo Samaj -
13-Mar Calcutta Reception at Maharaja's of Cossim Bazaar, Presi: Motilal Ghosh; Surendra Nath Bannerjee attended;
Harilal Gandhi took final decision to separate
14-Mar Calcutta Left Calcutta with Ramdas and Chhaganlal for Rangoon by s.s. Lanka to meet Dr. Pranjivan Mehta Letter to Narandas Gandhi
15-Mar On way to Rangoon - Letter to Maganlal Gandhi [After March 14, 1915]
16-Mar On way to Rangoon - Suggested Amendments to "OBJECTS' OF IMPERIAL INDIAN CITIZENSHIP ASSOCIATION.
17-Mar Rangoon Reception at Pier; People unharnessed horses and drew carriage. Shower of pearls at one place enroute; Put up at Dr. Pranjivandas Mehta's -
18-Mar Rangoon Defence of India Act passed -
19-Mar Rangoon - Letter to agents of B.I.S.N. Company
20-Mar Rangoon - -
21-Mar Rangoon - Interview at Rangoon, reported by The Hindu
22-Mar Rangoon - -
23-Mar Rangoon - -
24-Mar Rangoon - -
25-Mar Rangoon - -
26-Mar Rangoon Left Rangoon -
27-Mar On way to Calcutta   -
28-Mar Calcutta Arrived; Put up at C.R. Das' Letter to Jamnadas Gandhi
29-Mar Calcutta Gathering at C.R. Das'. Address by Hindu Sabha -
30-Mar Calcutta Met teaching staff of National College -
31-Mar Calcutta, Shantiniketan Calcutta- Condemned violence at students' meeting (Students' Hall) College Square, Presi: Mr. Lyon;
Reached Shantiniketan; Met Tagore