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Inhabiting India - February, 1915

Date Place Significant Incident Interviews/Letters
1-Feb Rajkot,Viramgam,
Reception and procession in Ahmedabad; People wanted to draw motor car; Put up at Seth Mangaldas Girdhardas -
2-Feb Ahmedabad Dinner at Surendra Medh's -
3-Feb Ahmedabad Dinner at Ambalal Sarabhai's. Dinner at Sir Chinubhai's. -
4-Feb Ahmedabad, Nadiad, Baroda, Bombay - -
5-Feb Bombay - -
6-Feb Bombay - -
7-Feb Bombay - Letter to C.F. ANDREWS
8-Feb Poona Public Reception by Municipality. -
9-Feb Poona - -
10-Feb Poona - Letter to Maganlal Gandhi
Also wrote to Mahatma Munshiram thanking him for hospitality to Phoenix party at Gurukul.
11-Feb Poona Called on Tilak -
12-Feb Poona Reception by Sarvajanik Sabha; Tilak present -
13-Feb Poona Public meeting at Kirloskar Theatre; Presi: Sardar Navroji Padamji; Tilak present. -
14-Feb Bombay - -
15-Feb Bombay Left the city -
16-Feb On way to Shantiniketan - -
17-Feb Shantiniketan Met C.F. Andrews at Bolpur;
Reception at Shantiniketan;
Kaka Kalelkar and J.B. Kripalani met MKG for the first time. Tagore was not present when he arrived
18-Feb Shantiniketan - -
19-Feb Shantiniketan Gopal Krishna Gokhale passed away in Poona -
20-Feb Shantiniketan Received news about Gokhale's death. Took a vow not to wear any footwear for one year;
Speech at Shantiniketan on Gokhale's death. Left for Poona
Telegram to H.N. Kunzru, Karsandas Chitalia, Transvaal B.I. Association
21-Feb On way to Poona Lahore conspiracy unearthed -
22-Feb Poona Reached Poona;
Met Mama Saheb Phadke for the first time.
23-Feb Poona - -
24-Feb Poona - -
25-Feb Poona - -
26-Feb Poona - -
27-Feb Poona Commenced study of Marathi -
28-Feb Poona - Letter to Mathuradas Trikumji