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Inhabiting India - January, 1915

Date Place Significant Incident Interviews/Letters
January, 1915      
9-Jan Bombay Gandhiji and Kasturba landed at Apollo Bunder at 7.30 am. Put up at Revashanker Jhaveri's . Saw G.K. Gokhale and V.S. Sastri at Narottam Morarji's. (Image: CWMG Vol. 13, p. ii) Interview to THE BOMBAY CHRONICLE and TIMES OF INDIA; MKG said he would follow Gokhale's advice and pass some time in India observing and studying.
10-Jan Bombay Met Swami Anand for the first time in Bazaar Gate Street. -
11-Jan Bombay - Letter to Maganlal Gandhi
12-Jan Bombay Saw Dadabhai Maoroji and Dr. Dadi Barjorji. Attended party full of pomp and grandeur by Petits. Presi: Sir Phirozshah Mehta -
13-Jan Bombay Speech at National Union meeting; B.G. Tilak and Joseph Baptista were present. -
14-Jan Bombay Saw Lord Willingdon, the Governor.
Reception by Gurjar Sabha; Presided over by M.A. Jinnah.
Visited Servants of India Society; met G.K. Devdhar
15-Jan Bombay Address to Kasturba by women;Presi: Lady Phirozshah Mehta
Gandhiji Met Gokhale
16-Jan Mehmadabad,
Reception at Ahmedabad station by Dr. Hariprasad Desai -
17-Jan Rajkot Taken in procession where carriage was drawn by people.
Dewan of Rajkot presided over citizens' address.
18-Jan Rajkot Called on Thakore Saheb -
19-Jan Rajkot - -
20-Jan Rajkot Return visit by Thakore Saheb -
21-Jan Rajkot, Gondal, Virpur, Navagadh,Jetpur - -
22-Jan Dhoraji, Porbandar Condolence meeting for elder brother Lakshmidas alias Kalidas who had died on 9.3.1914 -
23-Jan Porbandar - -
24-Jan Gondal Reception at station in presence of Thakore Saheb.
Thakore Saheb embraced MKG en route procession.
25-Jan Gondal, Porbandar Called on Jayakrishna Indraji -
26-Jan Porbandar, Gondal Dinner with Thakore Saheb Letter to Prabhudas Bhagwandas
Also Letter to Major Hancock, Administrator of Porbunder , in which he thanked him for help during satyagraha struggle in South Africa
27-Jan Gondal Called on Thakore Saheb -
28-Jan Rajkot Went to see Nagji Swami -
29-Jan Rajkot - -
30-Jan Rajkot - -
31-Jan Rajkot Slept at junction station January:-Rabindranath Tagore wrote to Gandhiji thanking him for sending Phoenix boys to stay at Shantiniketan.