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Champaran - November, 1917

Date Place Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s) CWMG Details
November, 1917        
7-Nov-17 Patna Arrived with many volunteers;
Put up at Mazar-ul-Haq's.
8-Nov-17 Patna, Motihari      
9-Nov-17 Motihari      
10-Nov-17 Motihari E. Montague, Secretary of State for India landed.     
11-Nov-17 Muzaffarpur Spoke at Dharmashala on Hindu Muslim Unity   CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 77 - 81
12-Nov-17 Motihari     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 81 - 83
13-Nov-17 Motihari     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 84 - 87
14-Nov-17 Bettiah, Barharwa
Started first school in Barharwa Lakhansen   CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 88 - 90
15-Nov-17 Motihari Had interview with J.T. Whitty, Manager of
Bettiah Raj
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 90 - 91
16-Nov-17 Motihari- Koeri      
17-Nov-17 Motihari     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 91 - 92
18-Nov-17 Motihari     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 92 - 93
19-Nov-17 Motihari     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 93 - 95
20-Nov-17 Bhitharwa Opened school at Bhitharwa, near Shrirampur,
about two miles from Amolwa
21-Nov-17 Motihari-Badhawa     CWMG Vol XIV, p. 95
22-Nov-17 Motihari Informed J.L. Merrimen of his impending
absence from Champaran for over a fortnight and babu Brijkishore Prasad representing him.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 95 - 98
23-Nov-17 Motihari      
24-Nov-17 Motihari      
25-Nov-17 On way to Delhi      
In the period between 26th November, and 7th December , MKG divided his time between Delhi,Ahmedabad and Nadiad