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Champaran - October, 1917

Date Place Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s) CWMG Details
October, 1917        
1-Oct-17 Ranchi The Ashram was removed from Kocharab to Sabarmati - its permanent home - by this time.    
2-Oct-17 Ranchi      
3-Oct-17 Ranchi     CWMG Vol XIII, p. 560
4-Oct-17 Ranchi Signed unanimous report of Inquiry
Letter to Lt.-Governor; Regarding publication in the regional language of Government's resolution on Committee's report. CWMG Vol XIII, p.560 - 561
5-Oct-17 Motihari     *Mismatch between
6-Oct-17 Motihari      
7-Oct-17 Motihari      
8-Oct-17 Motihari      
9-Oct-17 Motihari     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 1 - 4
10-Oct-17 Motihari     CWMG Vol XIV, p. 5
11-Oct-17 Motihari, Bettiah      
12-Oct-17 Bettiah      
13-Oct-17 Bettiah      
14-Oct-17 Bhagalpur      
15-Oct-17 Bhagalpur Presided over Bihar Students'
16-Oct-17 Bhagalpur Presided over Bihar Students'
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 5 - 6
17-Oct-17 Allahabad      
18-Oct-17 On way to
Government of Bihar and Orissa passed
resolution on Champaran Agrarian Enquiry Committee Report whichb acknowledged "with much pleasure the good sense and moderation shown by Mr. Gandhi, who represented the cause of the tenants on the Committee."
In the period between 18th October and 6th November, MKG divided his time between Broach,Ahmedabad and Godhra