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Champaran - September, 1917

Date Place Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s) CWMG Details
September, 1917        
21-Sep-17 On way to Ranchi      
22-Sep-17 Ranchi Put up at S.K. Sahay's    
23-Sep-17 Ranchi Saw Governor; expressed willingness
to raise Labour Corps for Mesopotamia
Interview with Lt.-Governor; Discussed
Sharahbeshi and work opf volunteers in Champaran
CWMG Vol XIII, p. 538
24-Sep-17 Ranchi Champaran Committee met in second and last
session at Ranchi from 24-28 Sep.; MKG participated
  CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 539 - 542
25-Sep-17 Ranchi   Wrote to 'Times of India' about
sufferings of 3rd Class Railway Passengers.
CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 542 - 552
26-Sep-17 Ranchi     CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 552 - 556
27-Sep-17 Ranchi   Wrote Foreword to "What India Wants :
Autonomy within the Empire" by G. A. Natesan
CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 556 - 557
28-Sep-17 Ranchi     CWMG Vol XIII, p. 558
29-Sep-17 Ranchi      
30-Sep-17 Ranchi     CWMG Vol XIII, p. 560