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Champaran - June, 1917

Date Place Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s) CWMG Details
June, 1917        
1-Jun-17 Bettiah Planters sent representation to Government   CWMG Vol XIII, pp.  431 - 434
2-Jun-17 Patna MKG met Pandit Malaviya, Rajendra Prasad
and others.
3-Jun-17 On way to Ranchi      
4-Jun-17 Ranchi Discussions with Lt. Governor Letter to Maharaja of Darbhanga (Member,
Executive Council); Communicated his terms for enquiry.
CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 435 - 436
5-Jun-17 Ranchi Discussions with Lt. Governor Interview with Lt.-Governor; CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 436 - 438
6-Jun-17 Ranchi Discussions with Lt. Governor    
7-Jun-17 Patna Conveyed acceptance of nomination to Enquiry Committee after consulting Pandit Malaviya.

Madras Government issued Internment
Order against Mrs. Annie Besant and served it on 16th asking her not to move out of Ootacamund. Later on she was allowed to stay in Coimbatore.
  CWMG Vol XIII, p. 439
8-Jun-17 Patna and Bettiah Secretary, European Association,urged
removal of MKG from Champaran
  CWMG Vol XIII, p. 439
9-Jun-17 Bettiah     CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 439 - 440
10-Jun-17 Bettiah Government resolution announced terms and composition of Champaran Agrarian Enquiry Committee.

M.K.G. made Committee member by
Behar Government to inquire into all disputes, regarding manufacture and cultivation of indigo. (Chairman Mr. F.G. Sly, Commissioner of C.P.)
Letter to McPherson; Taking of statements at
Bettiah had been stopped.
CWMG Vol XIII, p. 441
11-Jun-17 Motihari and Bettiah     CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 441 - 442
12-Jun-17 Motihari and Bettiah Taking of statements stopped in Motihari    
13-Jun-17 Bettiah     CWMG Vol XIII, p. 443
14-Jun-17 Bettiah      
15-Jun-17 Bettiah      
16-Jun-17 Bettiah and Motihari Internment order issued on Mrs Besant,
G.S. Arundale and B.P. Wadia
17-Jun-17 Motihari   MKG recorded confidential note on the position in
CWMG Vol XIII, pp.  444 - 446
18-Jun-17 Motihari      
19-Jun-17 On way to Ahmedabad      
20-Jun-17 Ahmedabad      
21-Jun-17 Ahmedabad      
22-Jun-17 Ahmedabad      
23-Jun-17 Ahmedabad Attended meeting of Gujarat Sabha
Executive Committee (Ashram) to consider Mrs. Besant's internment order
  CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 446 - 448
24-Jun-17 Bombay      
25-Jun-17 Bombay      
26-Jun-17 On way to Patna      
27-Jun-17 Patna      
28-Jun-17 Motihari      
29-Jun-17 Motihari Viceroy returned to MKG Kaiser-i-Hind
Medal, stating that since his demand had been met, he might accept it back.
Letter to Heycock; proposed sending of volunteers
and Dr. Deva for assistance to villagers.
CWMG Vol XIII, p. 449
30-Jun-17 Motihari Dadabhai Naoroji passed away in
Letter to The Pioneer; Refuted criticism of his dress

Letter to J.B. Petit; Urged vigorous propaganda in villages despite prohibition, regarding internment of Mrs. Besant and others.
CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 450 - 454