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Champaran - April, 1917

Date Place Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s) CWMG Details
April, 1917        
10-Apr-17 Patna (Bankipur),
Arrived with Rajkumar Shukla to inquire about Plantation (indigo) labour; Went to Rajendrababu's; but he was absent. Servants took MKG to be an ordinary client;Barrister Mazhar-ul-Haq a co-student of MKG in England offered hospitality.

Arrived at night in Muzaffarpur and was recieved by Prof. J.B. Kripalani (The two possibly met for the first time)
Letter to Maganlal Gandhi;
expressing disappointment
on arrival
CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 360 - 361
11-Apr-17 Muzaffarpur Put up at Gaya Prasad Singh's;
Saw Wilson, Secretary of Indigo Planters' Association, explained to him mission.
In a rejoinder to Ramsay MacDonald regarding
report of Public Services Commission, stated, Gokhale would have drawn up "a minority report in conjunction with Mr. Abdul Rahim".
CWMG Vol XIII, p.  361
12-Apr-17 Muzaffarpur Wrote to Morshead, Commissioner of Tirhut
informing him  about his mission, and requesting Government Co-operation; Sought an appointment
Wrote to Morshead, Commissioner of Tirhut
informing him  about his mission, and requesting Government Co-operation; Sought an appointment
CWMG Vol XIII, p. 362
13-Apr-17 Muzaffarpur Saw Morshead Letter to L.F. Morshead, restating scope of mission
and enclosing statement of local leaders.
CWMG Vol XIII, pp.  362-   363
14-Apr-17 Muzaffarpur      
15-Apr-17 Muzaffarpur,
  Letter to Maganlal Gandhi, describing situation in
Champaran to be "worse than in Fiji and Natal."
CWMG Vol  XIII, pp.  363 -  364
16-Apr-17 Motihari Started at 9 a.m. on an elephant for
Jasaulipatti. At Chandrahia (nine miles from Jasaulipatti) a cycling police man told MKG that the collector desired to see him; On way to Motihari, a notice was served on him prohibiting his entry into Champaran ordering him to leave by train at once; MKG refused to comply and was arrested at once. This was the beginning of satyagraha in India
Letter to Private Secretary to Viceroy; explaing his
motive in Champaran
CWMG Vol  XIII, pp.  365 -  370
17-Apr-17 Motihari Informed Government about his visit
to villages;Received notice to present himself next day before Sub-Divisional Officer; Wrote to Ashram at Ahmedabad to return to Government Kaiser-i-Hind medal
Letter to Maganlal Gandhi at Ahmedabad to return to
Government Kaiser-i-Hind medal
CWMG Vol XIII, pp.  371 -  374
18-Apr-17 Motihari During Court proceedings, MKG pleaded guilty and made a statement; Judgement was reserved;
Discussed at night steps in case of conviction;

Rajendrababu met MKG for the first time.
Letter to S.K. Rudra, Principal, St Stephen's College, explaining
situation in Champaran.
CWMG Vol XIII, pp. 374 - 376
*Mismatch between CBD
 and CWMG
19-Apr-17 Motihari Executive Committee of Bihar Provincial
Association resolved to send protest to Viceroy and Lt.-Governor regarding order against Gandhiji.
20-Apr-17 Motihari Received news at 7.00 p.m. that
proceedings were to be withdrawn
  CWMG Vol XIII, p.  377
21-Apr-17 Motihari Case withdrawn Gandhiji wired thanks to Lt.-Governor, Bihar and
Orissa, for withdrawal of proceedings;
Also made statement to press.
CWMG Vol XIII, pp.  377378
22-Apr-17 Motihari and Bettiah     CWMG Vol XIII,  p.   378
23-Apr-17 Bettiah Called on Government Officer    
24-Apr-17 Laukaria Stayed overnight    
25-Apr-17 Bettiah Returned on foot    
26-Apr-17 Sindhachhapra and Bettiah     CWMG Vol XIII, p. 378
27-Apr-17 Bhelwa J.T. Whitty, Manager, Bettiah Raj, wrote to
Morshead , protesting against enquiry by Gandhiji and suggested appointment of commission by Government
28-Apr-17 Bettiah and villages
Herbert Cox, Honorary Secretary, Bihar
Planters' Association , wrote to Morshead protesting against enquiry made by Gandhiji.
In letter to S.D.O., Bettiah, Gandhiji denied charge
of interference with the former's authority.
CWMG Vol XIII, pp . 379 380
29-Apr-17 Villages roundabout     CWMG Vol XIII, p.  380
30-Apr-17 Villages roundabout
and Bettiah