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The Marchers

Sr. No. Name Description Age Province
1 Mohandas Gandhi   61 Gujarat
2 Pyarelal On personal staff of Gandhi. B.A.; non-cooperated as M.A. student in 1920.  30 Punjab
3 Chhaganlal Joshi B.A. Bombay; has been manager of the Ashram ever since Maganlal Gandhi's death; was student of Patric Geddes; non-cooperated in 1920. 35 Gujarat
4 Pandit Khare Has had 12 years' training in Pandit Vishnu Digambar's Academy of Music;
teaches music and conducts prayers. 
42 Maharashtra
5 Ganpatrav Godshe Graduate of the Gujarat Vidyapith; teacher.  25 Maharashtra
6 Prathviraj Asar Student in Ashram School.  19 Cutch
7 Mahavir Giri Student in Ashram School.  20 Nepal
8 Bal Kalelkar Student in Ashram School. Younger son of Kakasaheb Kalelkar. 18 Maharashtra
9 Jayanti Parekh Student in Ashram School.  18 Gujarat
10 Rasik Desai Student in Ashram School.  17 Gujarat
11 Vitthal Liladhar Thakkar Student in Ashram School.  16 Gujarat
12 Harakhji Weaver, belonging to the so-called "untouchable" community. 18 Gujarat
13 Tansukh Bhatt Belongs to Cow Service Association.  20 Gujarat
14 Kanti Gandhi Student. Gandhiji's grandson.  20 Gujarat
15 Chhotubhai Patel Khadi Weaver.  22 Gujarat
16 Valjibhai Desai Was lecturer in English, Gujarat College, left it as he was not permitted to attend Congress in 1916. Was professor Hindu University and is now a professor at the Gujarat Vidyapith. Long associated with Young India . Went to jail in 1921.  35 Gujarat
17 Pannalal Jhaveri Belongs to the Cow Service Association. Son of the late Dewan of Panna State. 25 Gujarat
18 Abbas Varteji Expert in carding and spinning teaches in the Khadi Technical School. 20 Gujarat
19 Punjabhai Shah Was in Ashram for some years.  25 Gujarat
20 Madhavjibhai Has had a successful business career in London. Left flourishing business in Calcutta to join Ashram short while ago. 40 Cutch
21 Naranjibhai Was Khadi worker in Orissa.  25 Cutch
22 Maganbhai Vora Was Khadi worker in Orissa.  25 Cutch
23 Dungarsibhai Was Khadi worker in Orissa.  27 Cutch
24 Somabhai Patel Was in charge of Ashram agriculture. Has been in jail in connection with Nagpur Flag Satyagraha. 25 Gujarat
25 Hasmukhram Jokhakar In charge of Agriculture Department. 25 Gujarat
26 Daudbhai Was formerly on the office staff of Currimbhai Mills.  25 Bombay
27 Ramjibhai Vankar Weaver associated with Ashram for over 12 years. 45 Gujarat
28 Dinkarrav Pandya Dairy expert and B.Sc. (Calif.). Has had long training and experience in America. Left lucrative position and is now in charge of Ashram dairy. 30 Gujarat
29 Dvarkanath Teacher in gymnastics and Khadi organiser.  30 Maharashtra
30 Gajanana Khare Dyeing teacher. Khadi Technical School.  25 Maharashtra
31 Jethalal Ruparel Khadi Department. 25 Cutch
32 Govind Harkare Khadi student.  25 Maharashtra
33 Pandurang Khadi student.  22 Maharashtra
34 Vinayakrav Apte Khadi worker.  33 Maharashtra
35 Ramdhirrai Was postman in Burma, left service to join Khadi Department. 30 United
36 Sultansinh Khadi student.  25 Rajputana
37 Bhanushankar Dave Khadi student.  22 Gujarat
38 Munshilal Khadi student.  25 United
39 Raghavanji Khadi student.  25 Kerala
40 Ravjibhai Patel Non-cooperated in 1920 from Grant Medical College; pioneer Khadi worker in Gujarat; one of Vallabhbhai Patel's volunteers in Flood and Famine Relief. 30 Gujarat
41 Shivabhai Patel Graduate, Gujarat Vidyapith, on the office staff.  27 United
42 Shankarbhai Patel Teacher.  35 Gujarat
43 Jashbhai Patel Khadi student.  20 Gujarat
44 Sumangal Prakash Graduate, Kashi Vidyapith. Professor of Hindi, Gujarat Vidyapith.  25 United
45 Titusji Diploma of the Indian Dairy Department. Worker in Cow Service Association. 25 Kerala
46 Krishna Nair Graduate of the Jamia University and Khadi student.  25 Kerala
47 Tapan Nair Khadi student.  25 Tamilnad
48 Haridas Varjivandas Gandhi Was in cotton business.  25 Gujarat
49 Chimanlal Worker in Gujarat Flood Relief and Khadi Department.  25 Gujarat
50 Shankaran Khadi student.  25 Kerala
51 Subrahmanyam Khadi student.  25 Andhra
52 Ramaniklal Modi B.A. (Bom.); teacher in Ashram School.  38 Gujarat
53 Madan Mohan Chaturvedi B.A. (Allah) Was businessman in Karachi.  27 Rajputana
54 Harilal Mahimtura B.A., L.L.B. (Bom.) Khadi student 27 Bombay
55 Motibas Das Khadi student.  20 Utkal
56 Haridas Muzumdar M.A., Ph.D. (Wisconsin). Has just returned from America.  25 Gujarat
57 Anand Hingorani B.A. (Bom.). Son of retired executive engineer.  24 Sindh
58 Mahadev Martanda Khadi student.  18 Karnataka
59 Jayanti Prasad Khadi student.  30 United
60 Hariprasad Born in Fiji; deputed to go to India to qualify as a national worker.  20 United
61 Girivardhari Chaudhari Khadi student.  20 Bihar
62 Keshav Chitre Khadi student.  25 Maharashtra
63 Ambalal Patel Non-cooperated from Grant Medical College in 1920. Pioneer Khadi worker; one of Vallabhbhai Patel's volunteers in Famine and Flood Relief. 30 Gujarat
64 Vishnu Pant Khadi student. 25 Maharashtra
65 Premrajji Khadi student.  35 Punjab
66 Durgesh Chandra Das Khadi student; left Government Service in Bengal.  44 Bengal
67 Madhavlal Shah B.A. (Bom.)Teacher.  27 Gujarat
68 Jyotiramji Khadi student.  30 United
69 Surajbhan Was Secretary, Ambala Congress Committee. Went to jail in 1921. 34 Punjab
70 Bhairav Datta Khadi student.  25 United
71 Lalji Parmar Weaver.  25 Gujarat
72 Ratnaji Boria Belongs to Antyaj Ashram in Godhra.  18 Gujarat
73 Vishnu Sharma Teacher.  30 Maharashtra
74 Chintamani Shastri An old inmate of the Ashram, belongs to National School, Sasvane. 40 Maharashtra
75 Narayan Datta Khadi student.  24 Rajputana
76 Manilal Gandhi Was editor Indian Opinion; just returned from South Africa; second son of Gandhiji. 38 Gujarat
77 Surendraji Sanskrit scholar and now in charge of Ashram tannery. 30 United
78 Haribhai Mohani B.A. Teacher.  32 Maharashtra
79 Puratan Buch Graduate of Gujarat Vidyapith.  25 Gujarat
80 Sardar Kharag Bahadur Giri B.A. Commerce (Calcutta). Ex-law student and convict. Killer of Hiralal Agarwalla in defence of the honour of Rajkumari. 32 Nepal
81 Satis (Shankar) Kalelkar Gave up studies at Ferguson College, Poona to join struggle. Elder son of Kakasaheb Kalelkar. 20 Maharashtra